T&C Surf Designs Tri Con,
T&C Surf Designs Tri Con,
T&C Surf Designs Tri Con,

Tri Con

The Tri Con is Tanaka's most performance based longboard. It has the most rocker, pulled in tail and nose and harder rails for added maneuverability. Generally this board is ridden when the waves are good with some power and even barreling. Advanced riders can still nose ride this board but it's not for beginners to learn on. This will handle serious waves for surfers looking to perform on a longboard.

Fin System

Designed for Intermediate and Advanced level surfers.

Performs well in Beach BreaksReef Breaks and Bowling Point Waves.

The Tri Con goes well in waves from: Chest to well Overhead.

We ship domestic USA. Shipping rates vary. International enquiries on a per case basis. Contact us to get a price quote.

You can customize this board any way you would like. Our shapers will help guide you into the best board for your needs. The stock sizes are dimensions we've produced for surfers riding the boards. Let us know what you want/need and we can make it happen. Any board can be customized to fit your personal needs.

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