Pop Up Beach Tent Tutorial

Please expand the video above to see it full screen (tap the square on the bottom right of the video).

How to open and close the tent:

To open the tent:

  1. Take the tent out of the carrying case
  2. While holding the side of the tent tight, take off the elastic band
  3. Hold onto the side of the tent and release it away from you. Be careful the tent will expand quickly.

How to close the tent: 

  1. Gather all four arches and pull them together in the center. The tent will look kind of like a taco. 
  2. Stand it up on end (vertical taco) and tuck the top half of the tent into the bottom. Use your knee to keep secure so it doesn't pop up.
  3. While still holding the back of the tent, and while your knee is still securing the tent, use your other hand to tuck one side of the tent under the other. You are looking to create a tight circle.
  4. While holding both sides of the tent so that it does not pop open again, adjust the rings so that they are all the same size. This can be done by griping both sides of the tent and shimming it around until it goes into place. 
  5. While holding the tent, find the elastic band and secure it around the tent. 
  6. Place in a carrying case and zip it up and it's good to go!