Grom Contest 2024

Presents the T&C Surf Grom Contest

Celebrating Over a Quarter Century of Grom Surfing

T&C Surf is stoked to announce the 26th Annual T&C Surf Grom Contest presented by Duke's Waikiki. Join the T&C family at Queen's, the premiere South Shore surf break under the shadow of the legendary Duke Kahanamoku for a weekend of surf, sand and sun. 

Since 1997, the mission of the T&C Surf Grom Contest has been to get more of Hawaii's youth in the water with a non competition style event. For a quater of a century, unrated groms have enjoyed this specialty event at Queen's Break right in the heart of Waikiki. This family friendly two-day contest is open to inspiring surfers ages 12 and younger who want a taste of competitive surfing in a fairly mellow setting. The Grom Contest is designed so all entry level surfers are eligible to surf only one division providing more kids a chance to compete. The ever popular Kokua Division allows parents to assist their keiki and help them catch waves! It gives the youngest of surfers the opportunity to take part in a contest with some extra support from a grown-up.

T&C Surf and Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, our non-profit partner, produces the event each year to introduce young surfers to the world of competitive surfing in a less-intense setting. The general rule of thumb is groms who have participated in NSSA or HASA or any other organized competitive surfing branch are strictly prohibited. “This is the greatest thing we do. It’s our way of giving back,” says T&C Surf founder Craig Sugihara. “This is the next generation and we’re giving back to the kids that aren’t already doing contests. We look forward to doing this event all year and couldn’t be happier to host it.” The contest is usually at full capacity each year, so make sure to get your entry form in early. All contestants receive a goodie bag with a contest T-shirt, and lunch courtesy of Duke's Waikiki.

We are extremely thankful to all of our sponsors who are helping to make this day special for the kids. The smiles and pure stoke the kids will experience will be priceless. We are grateful for your generosity. 

If you didn't get in this year be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on it next year (see sign up box in footer below). It always fills up incredibly fast.