The Eddie Big Wave Invitational Videos

The Eddie Big Wave Invitational was the Day the Bay Called the Day. January 22, 2023 was a historic day in the history of the The Eddie. Only the 10th time the event has run in it's 39 year history due to the specific conditions needed to be called on. Well, this time everything came together. A massive swell (surfers were tripping on the buoy readings), perfect winds and a historic crowd on the beach culminated in arguably the biggest and best Eddie to date. T&C filmers were on hand to capture this historic event.

T&C Team rider Billy Kemper was one of the standout performers of the day despite almost missing the event due to injury. Look for our interview with Billy in March to learn more about what he went through in order to perform at The Eddie. Congratulations to Luke Shepardson for winning the event. What a performance. 

Below are some shorter highlight videos from the day. Enjoy the Big Wave performances, wipeouts and emotions of the day.  



If you like these, you can check out our YouTube T&C Surf Designs channel for more videos of The Eddie.

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