Sally Wins 4th ISA World Title

Sally Fitzgibbons wins her 4th World Title at the ISA Games! We're so stoked for her win down in Puerto Rico. Sally battled through the best women in the world who were all there to represent their country. In a nail biting finals Sally used strategy and skill to come out on top against, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Joanna Defay, and Nadia Erostarbe. 

Sally is known for her huge pride for her country of Australia and so there was no doubt she'd be there competing under the Ozzy flag. She also had another huge goal to make the 2024 Olympics. Going into the event Sally knew she would not have one of the two spots from Australia because Molly Picklum and Tyler Wright are ranked higher than her on the World Tour. Her only chance was to win the ISA event and help Team Australia win the team title. The winning team would be granted a 3rd coveted spot for the Olympics which most likely would have gone to Sally. Under extreme pressure and long odds Sally did her part and won the ISA event. Wow, what an animal! Unfortunately Team Australia fell just short in the end placing second as a team just behind team Brazil. Tatiana's second place in the final proved just enough to take team Brazil to first place. A little bitter sweet but we're so proud of Sally for achieving her goal. 

Sally moves onto Portugal for the next WSL tour stop. We know she'll take her positive momentum from this event. We're looking to see her have a great showing at the punchy beach break in Portugal. Her surfing is looking sharp and the Glenn Pang boards are looking sharp under her feet. Go Sally!

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