Retro Single Fin - Surfboard Review

T&C Team rider Koa Yokota reviews the Glenn Pang Retro Single Fin by T&C. Koa wanted to add a board that would allow him to have more fun in a wider range of surf conditions outside his high performance twin fins. Enter the Retro Single Fin. 

Koa Notes the following:

  • Flatter Rocker: Gets you through the flat section with ease
  • Volume up Front with Beak Nose: Easier/faster paddling
  • Fuller Rails with an Edge: Helps with the hold of the board through turns
  • Narrow Tail: Keeps turns tight when you want
  • Double Concave with Slight V: Allows the board to flow and turn with ease

Koa's final verdict is that the board is easy to turn, really fast, made for everyone, increases your stoke factor by 100x, and it's a unique board that allows you to cruise but goes good in large surf as well. It can put you in a different head space allowing you to have a lot of fun. 

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