Anticipation for Tour Launch at Pipe

As a new season of professional surfing kicks off, we turn our attention to one of the most beloved and feared waves of all time: Pipeline. A make or break wave that can challenge the most experienced surfer, Pipeline is considered one of the most perfect yet ferocious breaks on the planet. The event at the infamous wave has long been a mainstay on the men’s professional tour, and in years past would signal the end of the season. Now it is the first tour stop of the year and is a recent addition to the WSL Women’s Championship Tour schedule. 

Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

In 2021, the World Surf League added the event at Pipeline in replace of the event at Honolua Bay and in turn, infused the entire women’s tour schedule with the men’s. This is one reason we’ve been seeing more and more women surfing Pipeline in the past couple years. Last year’s showdown between Moana Jones Wong  and Carissa Moore still has the surf world buzzing. Although this year’s forecast looks a bit dampened by wind and rain we can’t wait to see the men and women perform at one of the most exciting waves on the planet. 

We checked in with long-time T&C Surfboards team rider Brisa Hennessy and our most recent team member Sally Fitzgibbons on how they’re feeling going into this monumental event at Pipe. 

Brisa Hennesy, portrait


I’m feeling all the emotions! To get the opportunity to surf such a prestigious challenging wave and get pushed by the best is what you dream of as a surfer. I think it’s all about being more patient, and trusting in the process. A lot of it is mental out there and it helps to have a positive/calm headspace. I’m really trying to put in my time but also stay grounded and tune out the head noise of the crowd and the overwhelming emotions that come with it.

I’m excited to push myself and surf out there with only two other girls. It’s such a rare opportunity. I hope we score and get barreled! 

Sally Fitzgibbons


Walking into the upcoming event, I’m filled with a lot of emotions and I feel ready. I love that I have this opportunity and want to make the most of it. Working with Glenn (Pang) now and being on the T&C team has really given me that sense of foundation and trust, and that homely feeling of being connected to the boards I’m riding. When I go surfing I feel that connection to the family they have and the surfers that are on the team. It’s so special. Building that confidence and trust is important because you’re sort of walking into one of the most pressurized environments and when a wave or location is as intense as Pipeline, there are competitive pressures on top of that. The preparation for Pipeline can be a lot different, it’s definitely a lot to absorb. Being a couple years deep now in my journey of learning a location like Pipeline, it’s gonna take a lifetime to learn this wave but whenever I get the opportunity, I just jump in and start working and learning as much as I can. Each time I go out there is just another opportunity to be on the best wave of my life. It’s a lot of excited nerves though. The lead up to the first event always has its challenges and probably more emotionally fueled because it has a longer bearing feeling on you. You’ve had a long time to think, going into the first one, and once you start going it’s almost like rapid fire, so you’re just reacting. It’ll be cool for it all to settle in. It’s a special feeling to know I can still show up and after 15 years still love it and love the game and the community. I love being here on the North Shore just as much as when I started coming here when I was 13/14 years old. I just want to carry on and keep living life to the fullest. Let’s go! I’m so stoked to be representing our team and our T&C family and putting Glenn’s boards where they belong, I recon, on the greatest stage! 

We’re beyond excited to see what these women do next in their careers and will be tuning in to the upcoming events at Pipeline and Sunset! The Billabong Pro Pipeline’s waiting period is Jan 29-Feb 10 and the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach is Feb 12-23. 

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