Punahoa Collection

The Pūʻā Foundation was gifted forest property on Hawaii island that has been named the Punahoa Heritage Forest. As stewards to the land, the Pūʻā Foundation is working towards preserving and protecting this native forest striving for a future where people and nature thrive.

Kipuka Punahoa aerialThe kuamoʻo or backbone of Hawaiian forests is the ʻŌhiʻa Lehua. In nature, it is one of the first plants to grow and emerge on the lands that have been blanketed in lava. The explosion of vibrant red blossoms amidst the blackened landscape is a magnificent sight to see. The importance of the ‘Ōhiʻa Lehua culturally, ecologically, locally, and globally is truly immeasurable.  It is used in protocol, and its flowers are used in lei and as hula adornments. It is the keystone species of the watershed. The mist and rain are captured and makes its way to the sea feeding and sustaining many along the way from those that creep, crawl, fly, and swim. 

ʻŌhia Lehua blossomT&C Surf Designs has partnered with the Pūʻā Foundation to bring to light Punahoa Heritage Forest. We are proud to introduce a collection featuring the iconic and native ʻŌhiʻa Lehua, considered one of the most vitally important trees of Hawaiian forests. A portion of the proceeds from T&C Surf x Punahoa Collection is to benefit the Pūʻā Foundation. 


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