Origins of "CATCH MY WAVE" with Braxton Olita


Can you tell us a little about the inspiration and conception of the song Catch My Wave? 
Cisco & I both grew up in Hawaii. He grew up on Maui & I grew up on Oahu. So it’s kind of a both childhood meets adult musician dream to create this sound that has both Hawaii & a PCH California summer beach vibes. 
Does the song have any special theme and/or connecting between you, Cisco and Iration? 
We’re all people who are born & raised by the beach. So from how we grew up as kids, to stoking out the keiki's today, the waves & beach are what fill most weekends still & some of our best memories.
How did the song evolve? Can you explain how you all came to be part of the song? 
I remember waking up at 4:30am to start recording at 5am above the Pacific Ocean in the Malibu Hills. I woke up with the opening guitar riff in my head. I remember thinking if I can hold the tune and arrangement in my mind thru completing my morning routine, it could be some fire music by the time it’s recorded.
So I printed & sent the guitar song to Cisco & he immediately sent back the fire. He wrote & produced it out and finished 1st try so beyond sickk! I love his taste for all the tiny OG producing tricks people usually get lazy with, or just never even hear about ever.
I think Cisco & Micah had already been good friends for a while so he came to mind for the 2nd verse pretty quickly after. Cisco sent it over and Micah killed the 2nd verse. A bunch of sick background vocals & guitar riffs thru the 2nd half of the song. Then after a couple hundred back and forth text message revisions later we had Catch My Wave.
Why did it make sense to link up with T&C to produce this shirt? 
Cisco & I met making music at the Malibu Cacoon Beach House in 2019…but later at some point we realize we both grew up in Hawaii. This is where an endless text message thread of boutique 90's Hawaiii memorabilia, inside jokes and broken English emerged. We joked a ton reminiscing about nostalgic 90's music & T&C surfboards, etc. I have been involved with T&C for many years so to come together and colab on this T-shirt was a quick call to Ryan and a real honor. It allows us to commemorate both our Hawaiian country grass roots & cali beach music vibe with a roots Hawaii surf company. 
Where can you find the song to listen to?
All platforms. Just search for the song Catch My Wave by Cisco Adler featuring Iration. 
What's been happening in your world?  Any new projects for your fans to look forward to?
My dream uke album I spent the last 4 years recording at home in Hawaii is finalizing in LA right now, so I'm ultra stoked about it. I made 25 songs & music videos to honor Hawaii's story and my personal journey of touring for 20 years. We recorded it at a hidden beach cabin with my cousin's brother & homies. It’s called Hidden Village of My Hidden Heart
The Catch My Wave shirt is available in Black, White and Grey at all of our Oahu retail stores and here online

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