Legendary Hawaiian Waterman and DaFin

Brian Keaulana might spend more time in the water than on land. Born and raised in Makaha, the legendary lifeguard, surfer, and waterman is son to Buffalo Keaulana, who’s roots can be traced back to Hawaiian royalty. He is the foremost expert on water safety and has pioneered techniques of water safety and rescue that are used by today’s lifeguards and Hawaiian water patrol. He also works as a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator for TV shows and movies such as Jurassic world, Point Break, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, to name a few. 

All that to say, the man knows the importance of a good pair of swim fins. We were able to catch up with Uncle Brian and ask him a few questions…

How important is a good pair of fins in Hawaii? 

“Whether for recreation, professional usage or in the case of life and death, I use the same fin for everything. When you put on a pair of fins and enter the ocean you are turning yourself into an aquatic creature. I practically spend more time in the water than on the land, having a fin that is comfortable, powerful and versatile is incredibly important.”

Why should someone buy a shorter fin compared to a longer fin? 

“A longer fin is going to be great for distance or speed and power moving in one direction. But a short fin is going to provide you with just enough power and give way more agility, a quicker response, and more of an aquabatic like experience. Also the shorter fin is much more user-friendly to become amphibious from water to land transitions, whether you are going over rocks or whatever you might be dealing with. And the shorter fin is a preferred fin compatible with rescue craft operations in surf.”

What do you like best about Da Fin's Brian Kealana signature fin?

“I have been working with the DaFiN ohana for a long time, so I have a strong belief in the product. The signature model is a fun way to apply a conceptual side to the product. With the first color, the green represented our land and the importance of being good stewards. The blue of course is our ocean and understanding our relationship with it. It is a reminder that we as people are not separated by land but we all are connected by water. With the latest release, the black and yellow are the colors associated with Stunts Unlimited and ocean stunt work in the film industry. The yellow represents the space where we operate. Green, yellow, red, we are always pushing that yellow line or I call it the golden zone, knowing where we need to create safety where safety doesn’t exist. And the black, I love this color cause it is such an absorbing color, we should always be trying to absorb skill and knowledge and develop ourselves cause no matter how skillful or knowledgeable we are we can always learn more.”

Take it from the best. When it comes to ocean knowledge and awareness Brian Keaulana is second to none. 

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