HRT Surfboard by Glenn Pang X Kekoa Bacalso


T&C Surfboards master shaper Glenn Pang collaborates with team rider Kekoa Bacalso to develop a small wave board that has the speed of a fish with the maneuverability of a shortboard. Kekoa wanted an easy to ride small wave surfboard that would perform in all the Town waves he surfs during the summer. Something he could leave in his car and ride no matter what and know it'll perform. Glenn and Kekoa talk about the thought process and end result of the HRT surfboard. It's quickly becoming one of T&C's most popular models. 

Glenn took the existing lineage of the very popular Dragon Fly and Smoke Bomb series with a goal of making a surfboard that was fast and highly maneuverable in tight pockets. Ideas were passed back and forth, boards were built and feedback given for each version. Eventually the HRT was born and Kekoa couldn't be happier. 

The HRT surfboard is ideal for small weak waves to really good waves in the small to medium size range. Leave this board in your car and ride it on almost any type of wave. The HRT just makes it easy and fun. Less thinking, more surfing.

Glenn Pang can adapt the board to almost any volume required for each surfer. So if you have a specific size and volume in mind let us know. We can help you refine your surfboard to be the best one you've ever ridden. Not to mention the best looking surfboard in your quiver with a custom spray design. View the HRT here

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  • SharonSchaffer

    Hi! Trying to make your surf team and make you proud! I’d love to demo some T&C surfboards this winter on NorthShore!🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️ @sharonschaffer_aka_iemanjá

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