How to order a custom surfboard

With the summer swells already upon us and next winter season right around the corner, you may be considering ordering your next board. Whether you’re an avid surfer, or a beginner, it should be easy to find a vast amount of board choices available from any given shaper in your area. Each shaper should have a wide selection of stock boards that are pre made to fit certain surf spots and conditions. Most board retailers will help you find the board that suits you best. 

But some surfers take matters into their own hands and really love to create their own board to their specific liking. Sometimes you have a board that you like but it just needs a little adaptation, or maybe you outgrew your favorite board and want to create a newer version. If a custom shape is what you’re leaning towards, there are a few things to consider. We picked T&C Surfboard Factory Manager, Gareth Sugihara’s brain for 5 things to think about before ordering your very own custom board. 

  1. Find something that fits your level of skill. Be honest with your shaper about your skill level, building the right board will bring out the best in your surfing and help you progress. 
  2. Find out what board works best for you and build off that. Sometimes the best way to find that magic board is to adapt it from a board that already suits you. 
  3. Know where you want to take the board. Custom boards are usually tailored for specific conditions or size waves. Talk to your shaper about where you want to surf this board. 
  4. Know your volume. Knowing the volume of the board you’re looking for will help fine tune it to fit your body. If you don’t know, your shaper can help you find out.
  5. Plan ahead. Order your custom board and expect it to take a bit longer than a regular board order. Perfection takes time. 

Once you get your new stick and have taken it out for a sesh or two, be sure to give your shaper some feedback.

Contact us at to get started. You can also call us at 808-621-5000, Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm HST. Walk-ins welcome at the factory as well. Directions HERE.



  • Dean Phillips

    It’s my sister’s birthday in just under 2 weeks and that’s why I decided last Sunday in the afternoon that I would gift her a surfboard. I decided to do some online research on custom surfboard shops and that’s how I came across your great post here. I find it interesting how you mentioned to keep in mind where you will be surfing this board as custom boards are made for specific waves. You bring up a good point here, one I’m sure anyone looking to get these surfboards like me will be happy to be mindful of. Thank you!

  • Jason Cipra

    Following T&C Surf for the better part of my life. Just started surfing in Tofino BC and in the strait near Port Angeles and need to make my first investment in a board. Tired of renting… I was wondering what I might be looking at to get a 9’ board to Seattle Washington. Ball park Time and Cost…

  • Joe Alaniz

    I’m interested in the Pang Saint, 5’9" x 19″ × 2″1/2 × 30.84. Can I purchase one in SoCal or have it delivered?

  • Matt Barber

    I’m interested in one of the 6’5”” Martin Potter colors (green yellow) remakes. Twin fin I think it is. What would it take to get one shipped to San Diego?

  • Reed


    What would be the cost of a single fin longboard – 9’2" x 23″ × 3″ square tail? Volan glass top and bottom, deck patch and tail patch with a tail block. I am sixty-four. I am 200 lbs on a good day and started surfing age nine. I have been riding Yater’s for decades. Your free shipping does not apply to boards I imagine? I live next to LAX so any shipping cost would be for airport pickup. Mahalo and Aloha- Reed

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