T&C Surf Grom Comp returns to Queens

Grom competitor ripping it up at QueensThe setting couldn’t be more perfect for the 24th annual T&C Grom Contest. After two years off the beach due to Covid, we returned to the warm waters of Waikiki, to pass along the love of surfing to the next generation. 

This past weekend we enjoyed beautiful weather, epic waves, and our beloved surfing community gathered together on the shores of Kuhio Beach. With a multitude of groms in attendance, this was one for the books and our biggest T&C Grom Contest in all our years of doing this event. Founder Craig Sugihara remarked, “So stoked to have the kids and families together on the beach and in the water at Queen’s. We were blessed with amazing weather and fun waves all weekend long.  The Grom Contest is an annual highlight. The smiles and laughter and good times are well worth the effort. Looking forward to next year!”

Day one was a blast with all of our longboarders, bodyboarders and shortboarders enjoying glassy two to three foot conditions in pumping surf at Queens. Inside at Baby Queens it was fun for the whole family with our Kokua groms snagging some long rides, with a little assistance, of course. It was a joy to see many of the parents of keiki in the Kokua division who were once groms at our event, now passing along the stoke. That’s what it’s all about!

Kokua competitor

Day two with the waves were still firing, round one concluded and we were on to the semifinals and finishing the day with the finals for all divisions. Around midday, the Freesurf expression session took place at Queens with groms riding in tandem with parents or aunties and uncles. The heats weren’t easy, with some fantastic tandem moves on display like the wheelbarrow, the Superman, and some heavy drops, it was Billy Kemper and son Lion who took top spot by nabbing a bomb set and nearly getting barreled! 

Billy and Lion Kemper compete in the FreeSurf Expression Session

While our beach games were unfortunately not happening this year due to Covid precautions, the kids still had plenty of prizes to win with our lucky draw and the goodie bags for every contestant were stocked with gear like hats, tees, slippers, sunglasses and wax. 

Big mahalo to all the moms, dads, aunties and uncles who participated, our presenting sponsor Duke's Waikiki as well as sponsors Dakine, Vertra, Vans, RVCA and the Boys & Girls Club of Hawai’i. A portion of the event proceeds go to benefit our non-profit partner The Boys and Girls Club of Hawai’i. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Girls longboarder showcases her skills

T&C President Ryan Sugihara states, “Our T&C Surf Grom contest is so special to us. We love seeing the stoke in all the kid’s faces and the happiness it brings to their families and friends. I look forward to many more years to come, to continue the stoke that my dad started with the T&C Surf Grom contest!”

Iconic annual Grom group pic



1. Grey Given
2. Madison Cambier
3. Brooklyn Parkinson
4. Jesse Johnson
5. Sennit Hong
6. Manami Debutiaco

1. Keahi Lee
2. Reef Johnson
3. Jax Oshiro-Labbe
4. Grey Chilcoat
5. River Giles
6. Declan Field

1. Kendyl Asato
2. Emma Colandria
3. Kuulei Tejada
4. Alohi Rangel
5. Aydiah King
6. Aubriella Jovero

1. Jeremiah Fritz
2. Jaxon Peters
3. Kapono Miranda
4. Kingston Palakiko
5. Kai Silva
6. Kahiau Engle

1. Kylie Oshiro-Kaneshiro
2. Joy Haulualani
3. Payton Souza
4. Avery Chilcoat
5. Eloise Sweetman
6. Averie Hong

1. Asa Marshall
2. Max Peters
3. Hunter Schifferly
4. Nolan Senn
5. Zyah Sojot
6. Noah Centeio

1. Miabella Berger
2. Malayana Schiffner
3. Eva Mochktale
4. Akacia Jackson-Moniz
5. Kaira Dow
6. Kailani Palakiko

1. Kenta Uchima
2. Altwater Izweriw
3. Kaimana Miller
4. Kyson Hudson
5. Phoenix Parker
6. Jerry Iwankiw

1. Cash Hoover
2. Hanae Rose
3. Taylor Kini
4. Kiana Burgo
5. Kaya Okimoto
6. Kira Keaulana

1. Po’i Tomas
2. Cade Bernier
3. Reef Thatcher Davis
4. Manu Young Andrade
5. Mars Shuman
6. Reid Bernier

1. Ariel Apuna
2. Taitan Apuna
3. Azane Everland
4. Triton Apuna
5. Tristian Leedy
6. Kekona Robello

1. Kekoa Apuna
2. Shore Vuong
3. Naupaka Namu’o-Zoller
4. Kalai Koa Uyematsu
5. Enzo Horiuchi
6. Jaedyn-Richard Miran

1. Billy & Lion Kemper
2. James & Kegan Cooper
3. Brandon & Ameila Cody

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