Getting To Know T&C Surf Team Rider Bella Eberz

"Who do you want to run over today?" - Bella Eberz

We bring you an exclusive interview with our newest T&C team rider, Bella Eberz. Join us as we delve into the world of this incredible female longboarder who calls Waikiki home and conquers the legendary surf breaks of Queens and Canoes on the picturesque South Shore of Oahu Hawaii.

Bella is not only an exceptional talent on her longboard but also a radiant personality that shines through with her cute, bubbly, and fun-loving nature. Her infectious enthusiasm for surfing is truly inspiring, and her skills on the board will leave you in awe.

Get to know Bella on a personal level, exploring her journey as a surfer, her daily routine, and insight on her surf sessions. We'll dive into her favorite surf spots, her go-to techniques, and the tricks she has up her sleeve.

As we spend time with Bella, we'll witness her passion for the ocean and her dedication to honing her craft. She'll share insights into the local surf culture, the community she's a part of, and the joy she finds in being able to ride the waves of Waikiki.

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