50 Year Replica Collection #1

Craig Sugihara started T&C Surf Designs back in 1971 because he loved to surf. He wanted a way to stay close to his passion and found it was a unique way to share his stoke with all those that rode his boards. 50 years later T&C has grown into a world wide recognised brand and leader. We celebrate this 50th year anniversary by recreating one of Craig's original designed surfboards from back in 1971.


  • Keoki Pfaeltzer

    Congrats to Craig and everyone that made T&C what it is today!! Growing up on Maui I remember when T&C opened a shop on Lower Main Street in Wailuku. As a Ma’alaea boy we used to see the blue and white VW shop van pull up to the harbor and be star struck when the team riders would hop out to surf our breaks. I remember Bertlemann, Louie, Denton, Randall and others as they tore up the waves! Maui boys Lloyd Ishimine and Brad Lewis shredding the T&C boards as well. Good to see Uncle Alan in the video. I have a personal quiver of T&C’s from 5’10" to 9’0" shaped by Makani and they all work unreal! Here’s to another 50 years! Mahalo T&C for all the memories

  • William Rivera

    Just wow! There is always that connection I have with T&C since I was young and migrated to the US and would buy T&C clothing at Tj Maxx with the cool cartoons and eventually my first T&C surfboard. I believe Town and County is one of the brands that represent the true surfing culture and lifestyle and seeing this great video and beautiful board being reborn with the founder, his longtime friend and his son is a testament of a homegrown company and it’s originality. Stay Stoked!

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