50th Year Replica Collection #2

Larry Bertlemann was one of the most influential surfers of his time (1970's-1980's). A product of Hawaiian waters, his radical style influenced a new generation of surfers with the loose and radical lines made possible with the new twin fin boards of this time. The iconic red, white and blue twin fin is burned in many surfers minds from those years. We celebrate Larry and this board as part of our 50th Anniversary Commemoration. Larry's talent also spread to skateboarding right at the time the polyurethane wheels made skateboarding something that could emulate surfing waves on concrete. His influence on skateboarding and it's next generation of shredders cannot be underestimated. He was the gold standard of style. Big Mahalo Larry Bertlemann for being a part of the T&C journey and for spreading Stoke & Aloha all over the world!




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