50 Years In the Line-Up

In 1971, T&C Surf Designs was born in a humble storefront in Pearl City, Hawaii.  Founded on PASSION and fueled by STOKE, Craig Sugihara’s board building skills laid the foundation for this locally owned business that would come to be recognized around the world.

Through the years T&C has been intimately involved with countless innovations in design and performance. The formative years established the character of T&C, and we have been blessed to have many extraordinary individuals be a part of our journey. Through the 50 years, they have all helped to shape T&C today. Since the start we have been guided by principles Craig believes are the essence of Hawaiian surfing – commitment, power, style, and respect. These principles have guided our journey in and out of the water and taken T&C around the world.

Today T&C Surf does business around the world – Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Spain, USA, and our island home and birthplace - HAWAII.  

Guided by Craig’s thirst for innovation we continue to build boards of the highest quality, tested and proven in some of the most critical surf conditions here at home. The quest to maximize our ocean experience has led to the development of apparel and other product categories featured in our six retail stores on Oahu.  

The opportunity to share the stoke for the surfing lifestyle, and our ALOHA for the magical place we call home drives us to push forward with the same passion and love for surfing that started it all!

50 Years into the journey T&C is still privately held by Craig & Linda Sugihara who have nurtured the brand and business over the years.  Many have contributed to the tapestry that is T&C, and we are forever grateful.

We head into our next 50 Years inspired by the experiences and accomplishments of those that have gone before us. Their hard work and love for surfing will be our guiding light.  STAY STOKED!

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