2nd Place Shaper Ranking on the World Tour

The WSL implemented a surfboard shapers ranking for the men's and women's world tour. This tracks the surfboard shapers that are under the feet of competitors for each tour stop. After all, the boards these pros ride is a critical part of their competitive success. So it's interesting to see what the pros choose at every spot they visit.

After the first two stops of the year (Pipeline and Sunset Beach) T&C Surf is currently ranked in 2nd place. This shows that many of the tour competitors who come to Hawaii are grabbing T&C Surfboards by Glenn Pang to give them a local edge. Glenn's designs for high performance boards in powerful and large waves is known throughout the ranks and is why we see so many pros include them in their quivers. 

The S-4V, S-4VF, W-4 and CSU are all models that are popular for Pipeline, Haleiwa and Sunset Beach. Our fingers are crossed that Margaret River, Bells Beach, Fiji and Tahiti all have bombing surf this year so our surfboards get called off the bench and into action. 

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