T&C x Kira Hawaii

T&C Surf has partnered with Kira Hawaii to create a special piece of jewelry highlighting one of Hawaii's endemic flowers, the Nau flower. It comes from the Gardenia family and typically blooms during the fall and winter months. Although it was once believed to exist throughout the Hawaiian Islands, it can now only be found on Oahu and Lanai. This jewelry pendant reminds us to appreciate this extremely rare flora, native to Hawaiian soil. There are ten plants left in the world which exist only in Hawaii.The Nau flower with its six or seven petals emits a sweet and soft fragrance that is reminiscent of a gardenia scent. The Nau also has a larger cultural significance. The native Hawaiians once used this flower to string beautiful leis, while the fruit was used to create a bright yellow dye for kapa and it's hard wood was carved into kapa pounders.

Sheri of Kira Hawaii designed this Nau necklace, bringing together its deep cultural meaning and a timeless elegance. It can be a staple of any outfit, along with a conversation starter. This limited edition piece is available at our online store, PearlRidge Center and Ka Makana Ali’i locations.


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